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Indiepaper and the Indie landscape

The more I dig around into micro.blog and the broader ‘indie’ landscape, the more I’m impresesed by some of the interesting and clever things people are making out there.

I just discovered Indiepaper, which is basically Instapaper / Pocket / Reading List, but is, in their own words:

> A “read later” service built for the open web

The fun thing is that this works with various microsub servers / services, Micro.Blog included. After a little fiddling, I’ve now configured this to send any articles I save into a new feed which I can subscribe to.

Currently I’m using the iOS Reading List for my read later service, which I am pretty happy with. Rightly or wrongly I trust Apple above pretty much any company with any data I have, but I have configured a Workflow that can send pages to Indiepaper. I’ll see how well it works compared to just Indiepaper. This should allow me to, potentially, share things a little easier with my micro.blog blog, but we’ll see.

Great work @cleverdevil!