DC Universe Unlimited Finally Launches in The U.K.

Marvel’s ‘Netflix for comicbooks’, Marvel Unlimited has been out in the U.K. for some time now. I was a subscriber at one time, but beyond Spider-Man and the X-Men I’ve never been a huge fan of Marvel’s characters. I’ve always been a DC man, but until recently keeping up with the stories was a fools errand. While I’m sure a lot goes into making them, it difficult to justify paying £4 for each issue, which is why I was really pleased to see that DC’s equivalent to Marvel’s offering, DC Universe Unlimited has finally launched in the U.K.

Social Media Arms Race

Twitter is all abuzz with Elon Musk hot takes, but all joking aside, I don’t think many people appreciate the cultural significance of Twitter. As a business they’ve seemingly failed to find a strong monetisation model for it but just in terms of its use around the world it’s an incredibly powerful tool.

Micro Book Review - Gerald’s Game by Stephen King

Gerard’s Game

I’ve read quite a few Stephen King book now, over the years, and one thing that never fails to amaze me is his ability to make even the most mundane setting thrilling, and completely blow away my expectations. The Long Walk is a good example of this. As the name suggests, it’s literally about a long walk, yet it’s an engrossing tale and, through his literary magic, King delivers.

Fortnite - The Best BR For Normal People?

I’ve written about my current obsession with competitive multiplayer games a few times recently, so excuse yet another gaming post. Quite a lot of my competitive gaming time has been spent in Battle Royale games. I think, at this point, I’ve played the vast majority of those with any popularity. I’ve spent many frustrating hours in Realm Royale, PUBG, Warzone, Naraka: Bladepoint, Super People. You name it, I’ve rage quit it.

One of the earliest games that got me into the genre was, of course, Fortnite. After doing the rounds, multiple times, I’ve come to a possibly controversial conclusion. Fortnite is the best Battle Royale (BR) game for normal people. Let me explain why. I’m going to assume, firstly, that if you’re reading this you know what this game genre is. If you don’t, however, Wikipedia has you covered.

The Denties


Michael Scott has his coveted Dundies awards. Upgrade has its Upgradies and, now, The Dent has … The Denties!

Welcome to the first ever Denties Awards, where I will pick my favourite things from various categories that I’ve experienced throughout 2021. Some of my picks didn’t necessarily come out in 2021, that’s just when I got involved with it. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the awards.